Best Jobs For Dog Lovers

It’s no secret that all of us at Paws love our job and for good reason! We get to spend all day, every day with dogs. We really are lucky to have a job that we are all so passionate about. If your boring 9 to 5 has been bogging you down and you want to consider switching to a career that deals with man’s best friend, here a few jobs for dog lovers:

For The Creative

If your desk is stuffed full of art supplies and you spend more time doodling than paying attention in client meetings, it’s time to take your creativity elsewhere. Combine your passion for art and your love of dogs and you’d make a pretty good groomer. Don’t brush off grooming with the belief that it’s all standard cuts and boring trims. Many owners are getting more creative with their long coated best friends, requesting fun cuts (like mohawks) and nontoxic dye jobs.

For The Healer

There are numerous careers for dog lovers within the veterinarian field. Open your own practice or specialize in a specific area of veterinarian medicine. If being top dog doesn’t tickle your fancy, become a vet tech to lend a helping hand. If you’re a naturalist, you can delve into  holistic care, animal nutrition, or specialize in acupuncture.

For The Athletic

If you hate sitting still for too long and a desk job sounds like a nightmare, put on those running shoes and take some pooches for a walk. Dog walking allows you to stay active and get all the dog-loving time you need. Many people don’t have as much time as they would like to walk or exercise their pets and dog walkers/runners are highly sought after. As an added bonus, taking a dog for a walk is thought to be a natural stress reliever. Now just think what a career of dog walking would do for your stress levels and fitness!

For The Social Butterfly

Do you love meeting new friends, especially when those friends have four legs? Imagine a job where you get to meet lots of new furry faces every day and spend your hours rubbing tummies and playing fetch. Doesn’t really seem like work, does it? This is what it’s like to work at a doggy daycare, like Paws. Learn how to properly care for other people’s dogs as you would want yours to be cared for at a boarding facility.

These are just a few of the fulfilling careers a dog lover can enlist in. If dogs are your passion, why not make a career out of caring for them as they so selflessly care for us?