5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer Plus, Hot Weather Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

As temperatures rise and you gear up for some summer fun, remember that hot weather can be dangerous for your dog. That doesn’t mean that Fido has to miss out on all the fun in the sun, you just got to keep him cool. Here are some fun ways to help your pup beat the heat.

Make Frozen Dog Treats

Give your dog something tasty and keep him cool with a healthy frozen dog treat. This frozen treat recipe is easy, healthy, and your pup will love them!

What you’ll need:DIY frozen dog treats

  • Kale or Spinach
  • Goat milk (Can be found at your local mom and pop pet shop.)
  • Coconut oil
  • Blueberries
  • Blender or food processor
  • Ice cube mold


Grab a couple of handfuls of kale (about 2 cups) and toss it in the blender. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a handful of blueberries. Blend together. Add a tiny bit of water, if needed. Pour mixture into your ice cube mold so that each cube is approximately half full. Top each cube with goat milk, freeze, and serve!

Have a Puppy Pool Day

dog pool orange countyKeep your pup cool in the backyard with a kiddie pool that they can lounge and play in. Instead of a blow-up pool that can be easily popped by nails or teeth, buy an inexpensive hard plastic pool. Fill the pool with a couple of inches of water, throw in some waterproof toys, and let your pup have at it!

Better yet, take your dog to Paws Pet Resorts where they can romp and play in our splash pool! A private or group pool session can be added on to any dog daycare or boarding stay, plus you can watch all the fun on our doggie webcams. Call 1-800-964-7297 for more information about our Pool Time add-on.

dog pool orange county

Take a Walk on the Beach

When the pavement is too hot for your regular walking route, head to a dog-friendly beach. You can walk your dog in the cool, wet sand or let him run around and play in the water (if city rules permit). Some Orange County dog-friendly beaches include Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, parts of Laguna Beach during certain hours of the day, Corona del Mar during certain hours of the day, and San Onofre State Beach Trails 1 & 6 in San Clemente.

Visit city websites for more information.

After your pup has had his fun, he’ll be wet and covered in sand. Don’t worry, you can bring him to Paws Pet Resorts for a refreshing bath. Visit our website to learn more about our bathing services.

dog beaches in orange county

Enjoy Water Play

If your dog loves water, keeping him entertained and cool during the summer is easy with simple water play. Turn on the sprinklers, use the hose, or you can even bust out the squirt guns. The kids can have fun with this activity, too!

Utilize Indoor Doggie Daycare

dog daycare orange countyIf you don’t have an outdoor space for waterplay or your dog just needs to exert more energy, bring him to Paws Pet Resorts for some indoor play. Indoor doggie daycare is available 7 days a week so your dog can escape the heat and have some fun whenever you need it. Our indoor doggie daycare options include group play, individual care, and lots of fun add-on activities like Mini Agility and Pool Time. Visit our website for more information about our indoor doggie daycare service and all of our fun add-on activities.

orange county dog daycare

Hot Weather Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

While there is lots of fun to be had during the summer, the hot weather can pose a real danger to your dog. Here are a few safety tips to keep your dog safe in the heat:

  • NEVER leave your dog in a parked car. When it’s 85 F outside, the temperature inside a parked car with cracked windows can reach 102 F in just 10 minutes.
  • Keep your dog inside the house when it’s really hot outside. Keep your house cool by running the air conditioner, using a fan, and keeping the drapes closed.
  • Make sure your dog has lots of shade and plenty of cool water when he is outside, but don’t leave him outside for long!
  • Walk, run, and play during cooler parts of the day, such as early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid exercising in excessive heat. Don’t forget to bring some water for your pup, too!
  • Do a pavement check with the back of your hand before you walk. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws. Walk on the grass when you can.
  • Be aware of symptoms of overheating in dogs, such as excessive panting, difficulty breathing, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, and more. Dogs with short snouts (pugs, bulldogs, etc.) are more susceptible to overheating. If you suspect your dog is overheating, get him to the vet ASAP.

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